Team of the Week 18: Highlights

So another team of the week has been released for FIFA 15 Ultimate team. We have a quick look through some of the best players from the new crop of in-forms. None of these players are going to be cheap, so if you need to buy some Fifa coins try our partners at

TOTW 18 - Best players

Our three favourite cards from this batch are; Sanchez 86 LW, Oscar 85 CAM and Vidic 84 CB. Isco nearly made it in as well, but his lack of defensive quality for a CM made him too weak to play in the middle of the park. If he’d been a CAM he may of been included.

We start with Sanchez who is normally an 84 rated RW/RM but has been boosted to a 86 LW with a little bit of extra pace, dribbling and shooting. Sadly the card is likely to rival that of Ronaldo’s in terms of price, so we’d probably prefer to have him instead, but once the price comes down and if you are building a BPL team, this could be the ideal player for an attack minded 4-3-3 formation.

Oscar at 84 CAM as standard is one fo my personal favourite players in the position. His stats don’t look amazing but he crops up in all the right places due to his high workrate in attack and medium in defence. An all round good card in TOTW guise as he has 82 pace, 87 dribbling and a solid 78 shooting to compliment his accurate 83 passing rating. He won’t be one of the highest rated in his position and therefore you might be able to get him for a relatively good price.

Moving onto Vidic, as a Manchester United lifelong fan I have many fond memories of watching Vidic play and seeing him leave on a free transfer was one of the lowest points of supporting Man Utd (apart from Moyes, but we don’t talk about that). So to see him back in form at Inter is a pleasing site indeed. He isn’t the fastest defender anymore, but he makes up for that by being able to push almost any player off the ball and with exceptional aerial ability. A great defender with pace the only real weakness, still better than Terry and Mert though!

How to buy the best FIFA Ultimate Team

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Choosing the right formation

One of the most important and often overlooked factors in FIFA Ultimate Team mode is choosing the correct formation for your style of play. The formation you choose to play with should be a major consideration before you start to build your squad. If you like playing possession football like Barcelona then having something like a 3-5-2 might be good, but if you want to play counter attacking football having 3 at the back might cause some issues.

choosing the right formation

Getting a good balance can be tricky, as can fitting all your favourite players into your team at once. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right formation:

  • Work out how you prefer to play. It sounds silly, but if you like attacking down the wings and crossing the ball into the box, you aren’t going to have much luck playing three across the middle in a narrow formation.
  • If you have any ‘must have’ players, work out their strengths and plan your squad around them. If you have two small but quick forwards then you might like to play on the counter attack, but crossing the ball into the box would be a waste of time.
  • Where possible try and keep your chemistry links as high as you can. When your team chemistry is lower, your players are more likely to make mistakes and misplace passes etc..